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Welcome to Evoluz Transcription Services. We are a transcription company with headquarter in Mississauga (Canada) and branches in New York and Los Angeles, USA. We have been providing HIPAA-compliant transcription services including medical, legal, business, focus groups, conferences etc. to 100+ businesses around Canada and USA. We are the ultimate source for Quality, Timely, and Cost-Effective Transcription services.
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Evoluz:
1. Round-the-clock operations: Our business is designed to meet the urgent turn-around time requirements for various transcription reports. We are open 24/7/365 to meet your needs.
2. Experienced Workforce: Our transcriptionists are highly qualified with 5+ years of transcription experience in the specific subject areas. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
3. Highly competitive prices with volume discounts: We are so confident of our competitive prices and output that we have a price guarantee and 100% Refund and Free Review Policy. Read More ...
4. Extensive variety of languages: We are so confident of our competitive prices and output that we have a price guarantee and 100% Refund and Free Review Policy.
5. Extensive variety of subjects: We provide transcription services in a wide array of subject areas, including medical, legal, interview, focus groups, conferences, surveillance, etc.
6. Extensive variety of file types: We can work with a variety of audio types including wav, mp3, wma, dss, dct, cda. We can also work with cassettes, CDs, and video recordings.
7. Fast turnaround times: We offer turn-around time of 12-24-hours for clients with ongoing requirement and within 48 hours for clients with as-needed requirement. All this without compromising the quality of our service. We complete emergency transcription projects faster and with the same accuracy that you would expect from long-term projects.
8. Confidentiality: Evoluz Transcriptions maintains a strict confidential transcription policy and is 100% HIPAA compliant.
9. Superior Quality Output: We offer a free no-obligation transcription trial to give our client piece of mind with our quality, turnaround, and our professional transcription services.
10. A "Green" Company: With our business expansion and growth, we are more cognizant of its impact on the environment. With the initiative "Go Clean-Go Green," our long-term goal is to make sure we minimize the impact on environment while delivering our services.

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5779 Tiz Road
ON, L5R 0B4, Canada
(416) 829 8245

New York:

245-13 Union Turnpike
Bellerose, NY, 11426, U.S.A

(646) 200 5895