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Our Quality Control Workflow
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Based on the subject requirements, our translation process has to follow a strict project management methodology. We apply strict criterion for analysis, processing and quality control. The different stages of the translation and control processes are shown in the diagram above and detailed below:
Translation Process:
This is the initial and the most important stage of translation. The translator follows a "fit-for-purpose" approach keeping in mind the real purpose of the document being translated, the source and target language requirements, thematic and subject area of the document. The translator builds up a work schedule comprising of different work phases, building "buffer zones" into the schedule to ensure timely delivery.
Proofreading is the first quality control step of the translation process where the purpose is to verify the quality of the final translated document and to ensure that it meets the required standard. The proof reader carries out stringent quality check of the text for factual, typing and technical errors.
Revision is a process where the reviser compares the original text and the translation systematically. This process comprises of comparing and checking the source and target language text line by line. The revision is based on the following parameters;
Understanding and producing source-target meaning;
Full command of subject matter & the terminology used;
Punctuation accuracy of final document in terms of grammar, spelling and overall punctuation;
Finally, suitable and correct translation and presentation of the text.
This stage of translation involves creation of layout. In short, the editor has to maintain consistency in formatting of tabs, paragraphs, graphics, images, columns, and tables. Next, after preparation of the final translated document, the material is then forwarded to the Quality Controller for the document to be sent to the client.
The Quality Controller at this stage is responsible for the final check of the document. When dealing with projects involving many language combinations, Quality Controller has the responsibility to ensure the multi-language consistency of the translated text. Quality Controller manages and maintains accuracy and high quality across all language versions. Validation: The validation process entails approval by the Quality Director, who authorizes the final translation.
The final translation is delivered to the client in the requested format accompanied by dated delivery note. The client is given the liberty to get back to us in a given period of time if they require any correction or modification in the text. If there is no comment from the client within the stipulated time, then it is regarded as a final validation of that delivery.
Feedback from Client:
After receiving the translation and reviewing the material, the client gives feedback on the overall quality of the document. In case of acceptance, an invoice is prepared and sent by Evoluz based on the contractual terms and agreements. This finalizes the project closure. In case of request for changes or corrections from client, we review the material for suggested correction. We request our clients to present their objections and suggestions in detail.
Correcting translations:
This step involves thorough analysis of the comments received from the client and verification of its relevance. The text is revised and adjusted as per client's feedback. We correct any thematic, style or terminology errors pointed out from client.
This stage marks the end of the project. We ask our client to give his feedback on the Client Satisfaction Form.

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