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Using a translator well-suited with your requirement

Translation for publishing is all about style. As all your writers have their own distinct style the translations of their writing have to be done very carefully. You’ll need to think long and hard about whether you want your translated publication to have the same style as your original one.

Certain turns or phrase may get “Lost in Translation” if they don’t exist in the target language or country of your publication. So, it may be that your publication has to be modified to suit your target market. This is a very delicate process, which our team of project managers along with the translators can help you with.

Translating directly into your own design

We take pride in being able to work with any type of file format. So no matter if you have an exhibition stand in Adobe InDesign, a presentation in PowerPoint of a Flash animation for a demonstration or a brochure designed in QuarkXpress, we can assure you that your translation will be delivered in the exact format you need

Over 10,000 professional linguists in 150 languages

We have over 10,000 professional linguists on our database that can help translate or interpret over 150 languages. So no matter what language you need help translating or interpreting we have the professional linguist who is right for you for every type of subject with journalistic and copywriting experience.

Teams of Project and Quality Managers

We have a team of project and quality managers who are in charge of your translation project at all time in order to guarantee the quality and delivery of best service Our managers certify that only qualified translators with the best knowledge and skills required by your project are used on it thus ensuring that we work with you to use the correct terminology and language for your project.



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