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Translation for Public Relations

With the help of technology nowadays, most of the businesses are able to expand worldwide. Thus it is very important to maintain your company’s image globally in order to be a successful competitor. You can do so by keeping a tight control on your Public Relation messages at the best of times. Hence, you need a translation company you can trust when your PR messages need to be translated into other languages.

Terminology and glossaries

Every company and subject has its own specific terminology and it is extremely important to get this right to ensure that the right messages are conveyed during your press release. Our project managers will work with you to ensure that our professional translators use the accurate terms and description in your press releases. This allows us to deliver to you a translation of a very high quality without any delays. Thus you will be able hit your deadlines with maximal accuracy and satisfaction

Over 10,000 professional linguists in 150 languages

We have over 10,000 professional linguists on our database that can help translate or interpret over 150 languages. So no matter what language you need help translating or interpreting we have the professional linguist who is right for you for every type of subject with journalistic and copywriting experience.

Teams of Project and Quality Managers

We have a team of project and quality managers who are in charge of your translation project at all time in order to guarantee the quality and delivery of best service Our managers certify that only qualified translators with the best knowledge and skills required by your project are used on it thus ensuring that we work with you to use the correct terminology and language for your project.

Customer Portal

We have a secure customer portal that allows you to access our services anywhere, at anytime as easily as possible. This site allows you and your team to view all of your previous and new projects in real time thus allowing you to be able to submit any changes and amendments. As this is online you can access it anytime from wherever you are in the world and it also cuts down the need for translation projects to be moved around via email. This system is user friendly and time efficient which is very relevant for fast moving content such as press releases.



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