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Evoluz Translation Services for Governments

Globalization has made the world come closer, and as such governments in different countries need to communicate with people who speak diverse languages more than ever. Evoluz plays a vital role in helping governments speak to their communities by providing an accurate, fast, and reasonable translation and interpreting services. We can arrange for our interpreters to attend your seminars and meetings if it’s one of your requirements. With over 12 years of translation and interpretation experience, we are fully equipped and well-suited to meet all your language translation needs. Currently, we work with many North American and European governments in large and small scale projects. The projects include training documents, immigration papers, investigations, etc. Additionally, we translate training documents and materials, information reports, memos, training and informational websites, and everything connected in the middle. We have expertise and experience to translate almost everything in government translation.

Over 4,000 professional linguists in 140 languages

We have over 4,000 professional linguists on our database that can help translate or interpret over 140 languages. So no matter what language you need help translating or interpreting, we have the professional linguist who is right for you for every type of subject. We will also provide you with a specialist in immigration or environmental policy if needed.

Evoluz Translation Team

We have a qualified team of certified professionals consisting of project and quality managers who are in charge of your translation project. This guarantees the quality and delivery of best service. From the time of your initial project allocation to the conclusion, a dedicated project manager will be assisting and updating you through the project. He will be crucial in selecting and allocating the right translation team for your project in terms of experience, qualification, knowledge and subject areas etc. We agree on template specifications and terminologies, if need be with you, right at the start to maintain consistency throughout the final translated document. This high-level project team selection and quality control method ensures a translation of superior quality and has granted us with returning customers like you time after time.

Security and Confidentiality

Being a major player in the translation industry and working with various Government Agencies, we are in total compliance with various Data Privacy and Security Acts. We value and understand that Government translation projects contain information and material that are highly confidential and sensitive. All employees and/or subcontractors working on the projects sign a confidentiality declaration to guarantee their understanding, acceptance and compliance with the law. This declaration also confirms that any unauthorized disclosure of the data is an imprisonable offence. Your files are stored and processed from a multi-level encrypted and password protected database. All those who have access to this data are security cleared to Canadian, US, and UK Baseline Standard. Many times as per your requirement, these obligations might be extended to all employees of the contractors working with Evoluz and dealing with personal data. These servers are securely located at various locations, ie, Toronto, London, and Los Angeles. Evoluz has control system access rights to all these servers at all times.


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