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Translation for Local authorities and Public Sector

Immigration has made it necessary for the local authorities and public sectors to have the resources and tools to communicate with the new migrants speaking various languages. These authorities have to make sure that the local and national services and information are readily available to every member of the society to help them settle in the new country. The authorities have an obligation to make certain that linguistic support is provided if someone needs to understand their medical benefits, legal rights, or financial input and help. Many of these new immigrants still do not know or are in the phase of learning English in the new country. Secondly, English in itself is a complicated language and it takes at least 2-3 years of hard study to master the language. Various governments run language training programmes and courses for new immigrants, but again there is a long list of trainees and these programmes are not available in all areas.

This is where Evoluz comes into picture. We bridge your language barriers with your target audience and help you communicate with them accurately and effectively. We work for you in making people of all linguistic backgrounds understand your subject matter.

Our objective - Bridging the Language Barrier

We at Evoluz have been serving the local authorities in and around Canada, US and UK for various services.

1. We translate documents for English and non-English speaking residents and help them to access necessary services such as local police, safety campaigns, and education.
2. Evoluz supports and translates documents for local community centers or mediators who work directly with new migrants.
3. We play our part by translating essential information for local City Council which enables them to reach out and convey to the people to function effectively as citizens in society. This effective communication makes sure that new migrants understand local rules and customs, i.e., rubbish disposal, parking restrictions and common courtesies which helps them to get along with others in the new environment.
4. Through language translation, we play our part in ensuring compliance with the Race Relations Amendment Act. This act states that no one is deprived in accessing services because of their incapability to communicate verbally or non-verbally.
5. We translate various election campaigns which enables people to participate in the democratic process, i.e. voter registration or to take part in local consultations.

Professional second generation translators

With over 4,000 professional linguists in our database, we can help translate or interpret over 140 languages. We have the resources and tools to translate and interpret almost every language that you need and in a variety of diverse subject areas. We use second generation translators as linguists for most of the local councils and community centers who are directed towards new migrant. For instance if you have a document for Russian speakers living in US, then we would use a Russian translator who lives and has experience in the US. This is very important as the language spoken in a native country can be different to that spoken in the migrant country.


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