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Foreign Language Transcription

Foreign Language Transcription

Evoluz Foreign Language Transcription – An alternative to the expensive language services!

Welcome to Evoluz! Our language transcription will not cost you big bucks for sure and will also provide you with high quality transcription. How do we do it? Well, no secret formula but a simple strategy. We use technology, state-of-art facility combined with efficient resource usage. These savings are passed on to our clients like you.

What do we transcribe? You name it and we do it…

Foreign language transcription can be Interviews, trials, teleconference, meetings, surveys, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, seminars etc. Our language transcription services are offered in almost all formats. If you think you have a unique requirement, do contact us and in most probability we will be able to take care of it. We take pride in our accuracy, efficiency, and affordability and this confidence comes from our long list of reliable and consistent clients who give us the opportunity to serve them again and again. From inception to finish, we are convinced and guarantee you that you will find our language transcription services to be the most reliable and affordable.

We categorize language transcription into three different categories:


Type 1 Audio Transcription:

These are single person interviews or one-to-one interview recorded either in digital format, standard cassette, or video format.

Type 2 Audio Transcription

These are interviews with 3 speakers. The qualities of these audios are more complex and may include background noise, disturbance, soft voices, poor recording.

Type 3 Audio Transcription

These are audios with 4 speakers or more. They are usually high complex audios with subjects containing terminologies and phrases requiring expert knowledge. They also require extensive research and investigation.

Evoluz has Expertise In foreign language transcription in the following languages......

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