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Translation for Housing Associations, Home Renters and Buyers

Evoluz has experience and knowledge in translating documents for Housing Associations. We understand the stress level that a homebuyer might go through to understand various clauses, policies, and procedures while buying their home if English is not their first language. It is difficult to understand everything in a tenant agreement, information poster and also multi-language websites. The same applies to a Housing Association or Apartment Rental Companies trying to communicate with a target audience with different languages. We at Evoluz will make this stressful process as easy as possible for you. We have a lot of experience in translating information for Housing Associations globally.

Second-generation Translators

As translations for most of the local authorities are usually to be circulated to communities who are migrants, we use second-generation translators. For instance, if you have a document for Chinese speakers who are living in Canada, then we would use a Chinese translator who lives in Canada. This ensures that the final document is translated in the language that the community is used to reading. This is helpful and effective as the language spoken in the original country could be different to that spoken in the migrant country.

Instant Phone Interpreting services

We understand that majority of the work in housing associations is done at the front-desk in person. In order to help you with this situation quickly and efficiently, we also have a Pay-As-You-Go Instant Phone Interpreting service. This means that when you need help with your customer’s issues, we are only a phone call away. Our interpreter will be on the other end of the phone within seconds to help you interpret and answer your customer’s concerns.



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