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Branding & Advertising Translation Services

Translation and interpreting custom designed for events and conferences

Events, conferences and trade shows have evolved as being truly international affairs. They have exhibitors and visitors attending from all over the world to interact and network with their industry peers. If you want to promote an event to attract such exhibitors and visitors all of your material from booking information leaflets to the event website need to be translated in to a language that can attract your target clients. Our specialist translators are excellent at getting this translation right and on message. So whether you are organizing an annual trade fair or an international finance summit, we can ensure that our translated information package will be prefect for your audience.

Translating directly into your own design

We take pride in being able to work with any type of file format. So no matter if you have an exhibition stand in Adobe InDesign, a presentation in PowerPoint of a Flash animation for a demonstration or a brochure designed in QuarkXpress, we can assure you that your translation will be delivered in the exact format you need

What do you do when your international visitors arrive?

Our Evoluz’ interpreting services can help you create a whole visitor experience. We help your international visitors to get the most from the conference and this includes speaking to the exhibitors and other attendees.

Interpreters for conferences

Your keynote speakers are the first impression of your company and brand in the exhibition or show. Your visitors have traveled a long way to hear them speak. You will not appreciate wrongly translated marketing material which will make that speech remembered in a wrong manner for long time in the future. Our highly qualified interpreters will ensure that each and every word is being conveyed to your audience accurately, whether they are delivering the interpretation from a booth or interpreting at the front of the speech. In order to better assist your deaf visitors we can also supply British Sign Language interpreters.

Appointments with instant telephone interpreters

By allowing your visitors of whatever nationality, to be able to hold meetings in their native language at your conference will help your event really stand out from the crowd. For this purpose, our Evoluz’ Instant Telephone Interpreting service can be used on any type of phone. This means that deals can be made instantaneously at your event. This will generate a favorable outcome and great publicity for you at a minimal cost. Our Instant Telephone Interpreting only $1.50 per minute with no extra costs or charges.

Over 10,000 professional linguists in 150 languages

We have over 10,000 professional linguists on our database that can help translate or interpret over 150 languages. So no matter what language you need help translating or interpreting we have the professional linguist who is right for you for every type of subject with journalistic and copywriting experience.



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