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Manitoba Translation And Transcription Services
Does Evoluz provide translation services in Manitoba?
Yes we do, and we provide services in 120 cities nationally and internationally as well...

We are a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto providing translation and transcription services not only to cities in Canada, but also North America and globally. Evoluz has been providing language translation and transcription services and professional interpretation in Manitoba to a wide range of clients for over a decade.

With sales in your home market reaching its high point, the attractive option will be to market your products in international markets. This brings the highly sought-after economies of scale creating new viable option for increasing your revenues. This is when you need a reliable business partner who understands your corporate objective and goals in selling your products to new markets and new customer base comprising of different languages, cultures, and backgrounds. This is why companies worldwide have been partnering with Evoluz Language Solution for over a decade. Companies use Evoluz’s translation services because they know we’ll get it right. We’ll listen, we’ll learn, we customize to their needs and we’ll carefully control the translation process to make sure the company is expressing itself appropriately – whatever the language combination.

With operations spanning every time zone, Evoluz delivers confidence - in anyone’s language - 24 hours a day. Our translation service is used by international companies, government bodies, professionals and other translation agencies.

What we offer:
Round-the-clock operations: With our global operations, our priority has been to serve our clients promptly on time. You can contact us 24/7 and we will be glad to help.
Experienced Workforce: Qualified translators with over 3+ years of translation experience and dedicated project managers operating out of multiple offices (Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Dubai) to serve you better.
Highly competitive prices with volume discounts: Regardless of the volume and type of material that needs translating, we are confident that our rates are highly competitive in the market.
Extensive variety of languages: We are able to translate around 130 languages, from the most widely used to the most uncommon ones providing controlled and targeted communication in all languages
Extensive variety of subjects: We provide translation services in a wide array of subject areas, including: legal, technical, medical, brochure, website, financial, pharmaceutical, aerospace etc.
Fast turnaround times: We offer a rapid response without compromising the quality of our service. We complete emergency translation projects faster and with the same accuracy that you would expect from long-term projects.
Confidentiality: Evoluz Translations maintains a strict confidential translation policy regardless of whether the translation project is the translation of a legal contract or something much more general.
Economy in Manitoba:

Manitoba is a prairie Canadian province bordered by the provinces of Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west, Nunavut and Northwest Territories to the north and the U.S. states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the south.

Manitoba’s economy is dominated by tourism, energy, agriculture, oil, minerals, mining and the forestry industry. Agriculture is the most important out of the others and is concentrated mostly in the southern half of the province. Manitoba holds around 12% of Canadian farmland within its boundary. Cattle farming accounts for 34.6% of farms in the rural areas, followed by other grains at 19% and oilseed at 7.9%. Manitoba is the largest producer of sunflower seeds and dry beans in Canada.

Portage la Prairie, a city in Manitoba, is the hub of producing and processing potatoes in Canada and is home to the McCain Foods and Simplot potato processing plants which provide french fries to McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other fast food chains. The city also holds the largest oat mills in the world; Can-Oat Milling.

Manitoba’s tourism industry is driven by the arctic wildlife found in Churchill. Manitoba is the only province in Canada with an Arctic deep water sea port along Hudson Bay. The city has been given the names of “Polar bear capital of the world” and “Beluga capital of the world” due to its wildlife.

Evoluz has been providing translation services to businesses in Manitoba. We have professionals offering translation services, transcription services and interpretation services in our Toronto, Canada and other offices, in addition to professionals located in countries around the world. This diversity enables us to offer continuous service to local and global clients in a broader range of languages. Our client reference list shows the diversity and quality of our services.

For a free estimate, chat with us online, email, phone, or fax us any time and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Once we have your approval, we can get started right away and deliver the finished product, efficiently and promptly.


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